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Laser Energy Light Shows, LLC has been in Business since 2004.

We have been corperate members of the international Laser Dispaly Association since 2005.

At LELS We believe strongly in the old saying that “you get what you pay for”, that’s why

we only use the best laser diodes & field proven components inside all of our laser projectors.

The PSU‘s we use for our laser diodes are built by Traco & Vicor. All of our optical lenses come standard with AR coating, & have a very low optical loss thanks to Edmund optics.

Our optical mounts & projector cases are CNC milled in house using a new State of the Art 5-Axis CNC machine. All electronic laser components including all of our Laser Diode Drivers, & TEC control PCB boards are built and assembled in house as well. We are able to easily duplicate all of our PCB Boards in bulk quantities as needed using our fast & accuarte SMD pick & place machine.

Our custom made laser diode drivers are carefully bench tested, calibrated & paired to each laser source ensuring both the diodes & drivers work together flawlessly.

Each laser is carefully tested & inspected Several times before being packaged up and shipped out or installed into a projector system ensuring long life & stability.

Keeping all the optical lenses clean while integrating them into the laser systems is crucial because just a few specs of dust can cause serious output power loss. That’s why we use clean room work stations for all optics mounting & laser diode integrations, as well as laser diode aligning procedures.

Once all the lasers and optics are all mounted & adjusted, the projector is sealed closed using a PVC gasket like material keeping the optics and laser diodes free from the outside elements such as dust, dirt, and fog or haze residue that normally accumulates over time. By sealing off the optical deck we virtually eliminate the need to clean the mirrors, Dichros, & other optics which usually can be very time consuming especially while out on a tour or worse if the laser projector has already been installed in a location that’s not easily accessible.

We recommend the Scanner Max & EMS scanners as we use these very high Quality & affordable galvo sets inside all of our projector systems. We also use the new VRad actuator by Scanner Max for our beam shutters.

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Custom built CDRH compliant Laser Show Projector Systems
10w green OPSL Projector

(4) Micro Pro 25 Watt RGB Direct-Diode / OPSL Projectors


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