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Laser Light Shows & SFX

Now offering complete Laser Light Show & Special FX production services for the Entertainment industry Any size Venue, Indoor or Outdoor Civic events, City Scale Laser Shows, Concert Tours, Music Festivals, Theatrical Shows, Product premiers, Corporate Events, Trade Shows, Graphic Logo’s, Graphic Animations, Custom Text projections, Company Logos, and much more. 

We have a large stocked Inventory of Brand new Laser Show Projectors from 10w up to 40w RGB RGBY also available  in high power Monochrome, & Polychrome configuration. 

 We have a large large inventory of Water Base Haze machines, Water Base Fog Machines, DMX Air Movers, & atmospheric effects. 

  • We are Corporate members of the International Laser Dispaly Association (since 2004) 
  • Large inventory of high power Full Color & Monochrome Laser Show Projector Systems. 
  • Our Laser Show Projectors contain high quality  laser sources. One of the laser sources we've been using is the Optically Pumped Semi-Conductor Laser (OPSL)  built in the USA by  Coherent Laser. The OPSL diode has the best beam size & beam divergence that’s available on the market today, making the Coherent OPSL ideal for light show applications. The OPSL diodes are available high output powers and multiple Colors.
  • Our Re-designed Direct Diode [RGB] laser sources have been perfected and contain only top shelf Direct- injection Diode Lasers which were carefully checkled according to beam quality / beam profile, output power, & there overall stability. The two Direct Diode laser brands that we've had the most luck with for the past several years are the (USHIO) 638nm Red Diodes and the Nichia 450nm Laser diodes. Which are both manufacturerd in (Japan). 

  • We now offer laser projector rentals for valid CDRH variance holders Contact us for pricing and info.  
  • Conveniently Located in Lake Charles, Louisiana.


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We have a large inventory of Hazers, Foggers, Dmx Air movers Laser Show Projectors ready to go in Lake Charles, Louisiana. 

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